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Founded in New Orleans in 2020, My Hood Exchange (MHE) reimagines commerce to empower and strengthen local communities. The safe and secure online marketplace allows neighbors to buy, sell, donate, and rent goods and services vital to community resilience and self-sufficiency

Today, more than ever, we understand the importance of having quick, affordable and easy ways to order basic goods straight to our doorsteps. The beauty of our shared global economy and the disruption caused by COVID-19, show the vulnerability of large supply chains that have forced communities to become self-reliant.  The disparate impact on our respective economy, and the neighborhoods within, cannot be ignored. We believe My Hood Exchange (MHE) is an important part of the solution.

With more conservative budgets, we must look at creative ways to maintain the exchange of goods and services for community’s sake. We must shift our mindset from global to local and be willing to band together to provide for one another.

MHE provides a safe and secure online marketplace for neighbors to buy, sell, donate and rent goods and services vital to community resilience and self-sufficiency.

The convenience of MHE – a one-stop shop with door-to-door delivery – makes life easier so we may focus on what matters most: providing for and connecting with those who contribute to a thriving community. Click here to learn more and to join our growing community.


Courtney Ordone, Co-Founder and CEO

Koby Sackey, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer


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Discover MyHoodExchange’s Journey​

March 9 2020
First case of Coronavirus reported in Louisiana.
March 10
Jefferson Parish schools cancel all field trips.
March 11
World Health Organization declares Coronavirus a pandemic.
March 12
Two friends start discussing ways to help people during the pandemic.
March 13
Schools close in Louisiana.
March 14
The friends agree on a marketplace concept that empowers and strengthens local communities. The first mockup of MyHoodExchange is produced.
March 16
State closes bars, movies and restaurants.
March 20
New Orleans is put under a stay at home mandate.

Meet Our Leaders

Courtney Ordone

CEO, Co-Founder

Koby Sackey

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

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